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Patek Philippe Swiss Movement Replica Watches

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Best Replica Patek Philippe Swiss Watches

The Patek factories, with 200 skilled professional workers, and the museum, is still located in Geneva; with the enhanced complexity of the watches and the evolved high prices, production is understandably lower. During Patek's 160 years in the business, they have manufactured 600,000 watches, with the average timepiece requiring at least nine months to complete, with the more complicated watches taking even longer. The entire process takes place at the Patek factory by thoroughly trained master technicians with unequalled abilities, who labor in the company's specialized workshops.
There are currently eight official lines produced by Patek Philippe. Each style reflects philosophy of design, knowledge of the past, and the traditional Patek virtue of always looking to the future. There are some vintage as well as recent adjunct model lines such as the Square, the Tank, the Pagoda, and the Top Hat, precursors to the Gondolo collection.
The Calatrava is still Patek's signature model. From its debut with the iconic ref. 96 during the beleaguered Great Depression days of 1932, the Calatrava watches invoke Patek Philippe's precision, novel artistry and style. The Calatravas have elegantly thin cases with broad polished bezels or hobnail high relief surrounding the dials. Noting the immediate popularity of these watches, nearly all the Swiss watchmakers have tried to copy them, trying to capture the sleek lines and elegance; however, Calatrava is unique to Patek Philippe. With the immediate popularity and acclaim for this new, elegant offering, the Stern brothers adopted the Calatrava cross as their now familiar company logo from the legend of a Spanish religious order that defended the Calatrava Citadel against the invasion of the Moors in the Middle Ages, fitting nicely with the traditional Patek brand symbol of the Spanish knight. The Calatrava quickly became known as the epitome of the round wristwatch, as well as the most recognizable example of the Patek Philippe style. Supremely elegant, it affects every new generation of watch aficionados with its timeless simplicity and perfection. As of 2021 there are 15 Calatrava models for men and women, available in white, rose gold, and platinum.

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