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TAG Heuer Swiss Movement Replica Watches

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Best Replica TAG Heuer Swiss Watches

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that was founded in 1860. TAG is known for creating unique watches and an array of celebrities endorsing their manufacturing acumen. Using the motto of Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860, TAG Heuer crafts watches that stand apart from the competition.
Keeping the profession of innovation as a faith since 1860, TAG Heuer has connected itself from making the first luxury connected watch to the oscillating pinion in 1887. The thirst for innovation does not end here, TAG Heuer produced the first self-winding crown mechanism and the double magnetic tourbillon. TAG's manufacturing process is spread across known production sites and has pushed itself to the boundaries of technical excellence.
Closely associated with motorsports, TAG Heuer created one of the most accurate watches. Also under its list of achievements is the world's most accurate timepiece that achieved an accuracy of 5/10,000ths of a second. The cutting edge research and development is spread across the entire collection and makes this brand unique in its own senses.
Their avant-garde approach towards their manufacturing and design has attracted a lot of celebrities and enthusiasts alike.
TAG Heuer watches is considered as a watchmaking aficionado in the watchmaking world and their watches have adorned the wrists of many celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, known for their sports, Hollywood actors Leonardo Decaprio, Brad Pitt, Bollywood icons Sharukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor and many more.
Few of these celebrities are also known for their acumen in their respective fields such as Alex Rossi, Jean-Eric Vergne, Alex De Minaur, Petra Kvitova. These sportsmen and their association with TAG Heuer resembles the brand's dedication towards preparing watches that shows reluctant and determined nature.
Apart from the sports world, TAG Heuer is also associated with on-screen personalities such as Ryan Gosling, Naomi Osaka, Patrick Dempsey, and Sydney McLaughlin. The collections under the aegis of TAG Heuer watches are Carrera, Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco, Autavia, and Link.
It is the brand's undertaking of taking the road less travelled that led to the inception of this collection. In 1964, when Mexico was celebrating the Carrera Panamericana, the world's most dangerous race of that era, TAG Heuer launched its Carrera collection commemorating its legacy. What turned out to be a one-off, garnered support from the horological world for its ease of use and accuracy. Even now, this automatic, scratch-resistant, hand-applied luminous indexes watch enjoys an exuberant following.
TAG Heuer and its association with Formula 1 states the precision and innovation of both organisations. This formulated into a collection that resonates with the F1 culture and its heritage. The uberly stylish chronographs to well-polished dials, the collection is as premium as it can get but can be used for everyday purposes too.
Even though TAG Heuer's infatuation with motorsports is undeniable, they still have a connection with the Atlantis. The Aquaracer collection is a diving watch specifically designed for divers. Equipped with heavy-duty materials necessary for deep-sea diving, this collection of watches is a piece of art and ruggedness at its best.

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